Monday, June 8, 2009

Eupsychia's successful bash

Since being back in Monterey for a whopping two days we have been flipped off, given a ticket, found new scratches on Davids ride and denied the worlds best margaritas. But somehow i am still glad to be home.

We can't seem to pin down how long it took us, but we made it. The engine putted along happily the entire trip. I had no doubts, but apparently David wasn't so relaxed about it. Well the blog is a little late since David murdered our two laptops so it has been a long and tedious process of uploading all the pics and editing them but now they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

I don't feel like going into the whole bash in detail, but just know it was great for wildlife since we saw the amazing blue whales feeding in krill patches, orcas frolicking around our boat, humpbacks lunging from the water mouths agape and ridiculous amounts of dolphins. The weather was nice enough that we both agreed that last year was much worse in bash terms. So all in all it was a good bash.

This is probably the last post of the season. If not I will update the status on Facebook or something to let you all know of a new blog. Hope you all enjoyed the blog.


Heather and David