Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pulau Goal to Pulau Tioman

I'm dragging my toes in the water. It's midmorning and already hot. The sun is climbing up to it's brutal spot directly overhead. I'm sitting on the shady leeward rail. The water is some color. It's greener than blue and bluer than green. Transparent. I though for a while how I would describe it to you. But didn't think of anything. When my toes touch the water it changes from it's blue tones to sparkling gold as it reflects the sunny sails above.

Honey, I think I want to live on a yacht in the tropics. No dear, remember you promised we'd get a condo in Kuala Lumpur. I just took the picture. I have no explanation. Her name is Asean Lady. Google her.

I arrive at the tiny Telok Tekek marina on Pulau Tioman. A friend who has been half expecting me, someday about now, waves me into a slip after evicting some local boat that had been parked there for a nap. The heat has exhausted me. I take my own nap until the sun goes away. This island is dramatically tall, wooded, tropical, filled with birds, butterflies. Maybe 7 miles across. 5000 Malaysians and a few tourists. Did I just see a barracuda chasing fish out of the water? My photos don't do her justice. Google Images and see for yourself.

150 miles from the Danga Bay mud. Four day of sailing and motoring. Anchored each night. No serious problems. Confirmed that the jib is trash. There's another jib I'll try next time. Three days until Chloe's 17th birthday. Said I'd be fly there.


LC 's clan said...

Great post, Dave...read it out loud to Mark...his response "WOW! Jealous, already!"..Thanks for the great offer tonight...don't be surprised if we take you up on it...(don't be too afraid!)..your words (especially the first paragraph) were better than pictures...we'll Google Earth it tomorrow! Cheers! Liz

capricorncat said...
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babbler said...

What a fine adventure! I have signed on as a follower, I hope you have smooth sailing and clear skies ahead! I have been to Singpore, so I have a general idea of how beautiful and dreamy your experience might be. The air itself is filled with the scent of plumeria blossoms, I expect you must be having a fabulous time on the journey to that part of the globe! Best wishes, from your newest fan "Mrs. Slug"(Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends)

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