Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hooray for Canadians!

We met some cool friends last year up in the Sea of Cortez named Wayne and Susan. They have a cool 50 foot aluminum boat named Daydream. We hit it off well and thought we'd run into each other again someday. We did.

The reunion took place in La Cruz and it lasted about a week. There were many, many, many tacos, late nights and laughs. It was great to have so many friends from such different walks of life, places, ages and types all gathered in a tiny Mexican town. Our Valentines Day was not spent at some romantic dinner place, but at Tacos on the Street before moving to Philo's with Cap Cat and Daydream. That is my kind of V-day celebration.

They are now going to go off into the South Pacific...lucky bums, eh? Anyways they will have a blast and someday we will catch up with them again...nobody is safe ha, ha.

That's something that I love about the cruising community, the fact that you will find friends no matter where you go. They might be new friends or previously known, but there will be good people.

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