Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Punta Mita and back...again

We set off in search of a barless existence for a few days. We headed back to Punta Mita. It was a hot and sunny day with minimal breeze for a while. David took that time to make some dough and I got to take the helm. The whales were out and about so we turned up the tunes as to alert them to our whereabouts. The noontime wind picked up and we got to Punta Mita by lunchtime. We saw our friends on Capricorn Cat hanging out so we made our rounds to say hello and got offered to go aboard for lunch. We anchored, hung up the laundry to dry and got dressed for the occasion. Wayne picked us up and took us to one of our familiar home feeling boats. We dined like kings! Turkey, salami, cheeses, salsa, chicken curry, tortillas, chips and some other yummy things. As we exchanged stories and settled in from a food coma, Carol spotted a whale breaching. Gary, Lynn, Wayne, Carol, David and I all watched for the spouting and other activity. Wayne took us back to our boat and made a couple phone calls before deciding to hang around for the night. We planned a morning get-together of either a swim or a trip to the islands. It was great to be back hanging out with out pals!

The following morning I felt like poop warmed over. I hadn't slept much and when I did it wasn't well. Like the good crew I am, I made coffee before going back to sleep. And sleep we did. We slept on and off all day. By the time we were coherent and rested up it was 4:30pm and Cap Cat was leaving. Amazingly enough we were both still tired and hopped in bed at a reasonable hour. Must have been a little bug...that or still recovering from seeing our friend Eric.

After two days of hanging out at Punta Mita for a couple nights we were ready to come back to La Cruz. We are running low on beer and cheese and we are out of tomatoes. I am sure it has nothing to do with it being a "Philo's night" tomorrow. It was a beautiful day to sail so we put the chute up and avoided hitting whales as we sailed silently. The whales seemed to be breach happy today. We saw two breaching at the same time within a few feet of each other. The thundering noise of their breaches could be heard a mile away. That is some serious heft getting tossed around! As we got by La Cruz we were surprised to see a thirty foot humpback breach about fifty yards off our port side. On the second breach it came completely out of the water, tail and all, before doing a corkscrew in mid air. It was so amazing. David dropped the chute and we planned to go back and watch since it continued breaching though it moved off to a safer distance. But simultaneously the wind died and a loud annoying whale watch boat showed up. So we made our way to La Cruz instead. We made it in just as Cap Cat was coming in. Normally we would hangout and enjoy dinner and drink though tonight I think we are both resting up for tomorrows fun filled night at Philo's.


capricorncat08 said...

Ooohhhh, Dave has such cute buns!
sorry that I didn't have a camera to show off some crazy naked woman that we saw running down the Malecon in La Cruz! Oh, yeah, right....that was "our" Heather! You are too cute for words girl friend!

Where's Cherie said...

We miss being with all of you in Mexico, but we're so happy you're still sailing the Pacific! We landed in Key West and we're loving the Atlantic. Hope we can connect soon...but on which coast? (Funny, but my "word verification" for writing this "comment" was the word ships. How did google know we were all sailors?) Cherie & Greg

Heather said...

Crazy naked people running around? What is this world coming to?! ;)

Aww we miss you too Cherie & Greg. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Keep having fun in the land yacht and maybe we can come visit you two sometime.