Tuesday, April 21, 2009

David returns to Mexico...finally! :D

All is right in the world!

David finally made his way back home to the boat after about a week and a half. There were some things to do in the states like Chloe having her 16th B-day and the prom. I am a little bummed that I didn't get to be there and give hugs and all, but David sent me pictures which was great.

The engine parts we were waiting on for about six weeks now still have yet to grace us with their presence. We are waiting on about a dozen bearings. That would mean that we would be able to get the engine up and running again if we get those parts...hopefully.

David got down and dirty yesterday by disassembling the engine yet again. We got it outdoors and now we wait for a call from a Universal dealer to see if we have any parts to look forward to anytime soon. So there is nothing else to be done at the moment. We wait.

The cute thing is how clean the boat was and how quickly it gets transformed back into our proper bachelor pad once the engine comes out. It was getting way to tidy for my tastes anyhow.

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