Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sea of Cortez Sailing (half)Week 2009

So if you read the previous blog you would know that we were a few days late joining up with the Sea of Cortez Sailing Week fleet. If you didn't read that then go do it right now. I'll wait...

Okay now that we are all on the same page lets get on with the show!

From Caleta Partida we were to sail to Isla San Francisco. The wind worked in our favor allowing us to set the spinnaker for the 21 mile race. It was a beautiful day for sailing and a beautiful day for some fun with friends. Glenn of Beach Access volunteered his service as not only a great friend, but also dinghy shuttle. We joined Beach Access, Serendipity, Capricorn Cat and Talion aboard Profligate for a low key potluck dinner. Well, it was going to be low key until we all got into the sangria that Beach Access made and it turned to a dancing and general enjoyment party.

The following day was a layday. We had some serious cleaning to do. After a week of living and being comfortable on our floating home we had to get things stowed away. A little bit of heeling over reminded us that stuff gets stowed for a reason. We took the morning easy and cleaned at a leisurely pace until we were ready to go play some beach volleyball. Something we learned early on in the cruising life is that things are always subject to change. Volleyball never happened, but we had a great time drinking and socializing on the beach with our friends for awhile. But there was no time to dilly dally by 4:00pm since we had a costume party potluck to take place on Profligate at 4:30.

Richard is a crazy mofo. He invited the entire fleet onto Profligate for a sunset cruise along with the potluck/costume party. The entire fleet was about 85 people and 45 boats! the key was to keep everyone spread out. There had been a scare when a bunch of people went to one ama and the other ama started to lift out of the water. Oops. Richard dubbed me the official Latitude 38 photographer and sent me on my way. I have to say I was super impressed with the costumes that cruisers pull out with little warning. The cruise was a success but it was going to get better...I was going to go up the mast for an aerial photo! It must have been a sight since I had on my super sexy black boots. I am hoping someone got a picture of that spectacle. Once back down on the ground I had a sad realization...my beloved boots (that should belong on no boat) died. Mast walking split the zipper. Oh well, it was worth it.

The next day it was back to Caleta Partida. David and I decided not to set the spinnaker and just use the 155. It was a pleasant sail, but where we finished was a ten mile reach into the anchorage of Partida. The wind piped up and it was blowing 20 or more which was a little much for the big genoa, but we managed. Once set in sand we were to have another potluck followed by movie night on Beach Access with the Don Quixote girls.

The potluck was yummy and fun as usual. For the movie we watched Twilight the vampire movie. Everyone hated it but me and that is fine since it is my movie and they never have to see it again. I will say that the books are so much better than the movie, but that is usually the case in that situation. It was fun to hang with the girls, Beach Access and of course David.

The next day was the last day of organized fun. We raced from Partida to Roca Lobos outside of La Paz. The wind was light and the waves constant, but we set the spinnaker and went. We managed to stay in the wind the whole race which couldn't be said for everyone else. About 20 boats went into a dead patch and we watched as they limped along some even moving backwards. Suckers. We had the breeze all to ourselves...until Profligate, Cirque, Talion and Escapade came into our precious wind. We were about the fifth boat to finish and thankfully Talion gave us a tow into La Paz where we anchored.

Night brought us all to Rancho Viejo for the delicious arachara tacos, awards and socializing. While people are chatting I looked up to see a beautiful blond come racing in...MERRY! The look on David's face was priceless. His eyes glassed over and I could hear his heart thumping and I was across the room. There were big hugs and exchanging of stories before we moved on to Tequila's bar. It was a great night that couldn't have been better. Life is sweet.

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