Friday, January 30, 2009

La Cruz!

We headed towards La Cruz the following morning. The wind was behind us, but it took a while to catch up. It was quite a slow day, but we really can't complain since it was sunny, hot and we were surrounded by whales. We saw so many whales that at one time I said, "Wow, I haven't seen a whale in ten minutes," David found one not 30 seconds later. The coolest part of all the whales around was that we could hear them talking or singing through the hull of the boat. Super cool.

We made it to La Cruz, anchored and tossed the kayaks into the water. We paddled in to check in with the Port Captain, but he was closed by 2:30. Not bad hours for a job, 8am-2:30pm. A little later we checked out the happinings of the town to find it rather dead. We were walking up to Los Amigo's taco stand when we saw two of our friends sitting at a table. We were stoked to see Eric of Nanu and Glenn of La Sirena. We had thought that Eric left already so it was a good surprise to see him. We were joined by a guy named Peter after Glenn left and the party got rolling. I think we were up until 2:30am catching up on past happenings.

The following day we got word from Wayne and Carol (Capricorn Cat) that our friend Merry might come around. It seemed that the ol' friends were reassembling! We passed the word to Eric and rested up. Later we were told that Merry had to work and we wouldn't be seeing her that night. We were bummed, but decided to go on to Philo's bar and enjoy the night. After getting warmed up on Nanu we went to Philo's and a little bit later Merry comes walking in followed by our friend Mike. She said the owners of Besame let her take the rest of the night off so she took Chrisitan's jeep and came here! Wayne and Carol showed up with some friends soon after. The music got played and David drooled and happily danced with Merry just like old times. What a cool surprise to see so many of our friends gathered in one place. We love this town.

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