Friday, October 24, 2008


We turned left at Piños buoy and enjoyed our first pop of the celebratory champagne bottle. Neptune got the first sips and as we quickly followed I pondered out loud, "Maybe since we had a bash down and up the coast last year Neptune will take it easier on us this year." David looked at me and smiled, "I don't think it works that way with Neptune." Well hey it was a thought. Finally we were Mexico bound.

Passing the Point Sur lighthouse from asea was a much appreciated sight. It meant we were making further progress to warmer weather. It was a fairly sunny day until we came across all the smoky haze from the fires nearing Big Sur. The sun went down quickly as did the temperature and we watched in a strange trance as the flames licked at the hillsides leaving an orange trail of destruction in the night. We pressed on leaving the fires in our wake as we continued south.

Now not having spent an overnighter on a motoring boat in some time, I figured that I would have a hard time falling asleep. Ha, right...I'd forgotten that I am pretty much out before my head hits the pillow. We did sail for a good portion of the night through fog, rain and it felt like it would even snow at any given second. Was it just me or was there ice on deck? The night cleared up a little later on with occasional drizzle, but it was a calm night...thank Neptune. I guess he liked the champagne.

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