Friday, October 24, 2008

San Diego

We are here in San Diego at last. We got here yesterday late at night. We tied up at the customs/police dock and slept after the all day journey from Catalina.

The following morning we found our friends from Sea Siren and another friend we met in Mexico, Scott from "Vinmar." We enjoyed chatting but after all of our excuses vamoosed we actually had to tend to some business...provisioning and boat projects. We called up the West Marine Shuttle and did some grocery shopping. We are set for the time, but we will have to shop for the trip before we leave Monday.

We decided to leave the Customs dock before we got kicked out and headed to our new destination of Glorietta Bay. We anchored and had a nice dinner before crashing out at 9pm aka cruiser midnight.

Part 2:

We got up reasonably early and got moving to Shelter Island in the dinghy. We secured the dink and wandered ashore to the many marine stores and purchased our fair share of marine toys and whatnot. Our last stop was West Marine where we ran into a few friends from Mexico.

David and I decided it was well past beer thirty and our stomachs were growling so we moved on to the SDYC (San Diego Yacht Club). We dined and drank happily. We are supposed to call some friends for a possible dinner gathering tonight, but as for now all is well in the Eupsychia world.

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