Friday, October 24, 2008

Smuggler's Cove

We slept in and lazed around Cojo until breakfast was made and the boat was tidied up and things stowed once more. I am glad we had things properly stowed since the best way to find out if you did good is high wind and rough seas. That unstows half-assed stowed things. Well we try to do nothing half-assed on this boat only full-assed.

With anchors aweigh and the sails hoisted we headed across the Santa Barbara Channel which is also a big shipping lane for freighters. We saw a few coming our way and "put the pedal to the mable" as my sweet love once said (I never let him live down his Daveisims). We hauled ass (full-ass) and found the weather. It was blowing between 16-20 knots and the waves were 4 feet with wind waves. It was choppy, but handled rather easily since it was at out backs most of the time. It stayed like that from noon till 7pm moving us along just fine. When the time came we started the motor and dropped the sails (in that order) and motored to Smuggler's Cove. We made it a little after 9pm and dropped the hook for the night.

Surprise, surprise it was cold and foggy when we woke up. Mind you we are pretty smelly at this point living in our foulies and whatnot. We picked up anchor and moved on hopefully towards warmer weather and a possibility for a shower. Unlike some fancy boats our shower is freezing and outdoors so it needs to be warm to motivate us to shower early on.

I had my nose buried in my third book of the trip peering around frequently for hazards and I spotted some dolphins. A few large (maybe 8 feet or bigger) Bottlenose dolphins came over and entertained us and themselves for a short time. We kept on and found some sweet sunshine! After much needed showers we were ready for anything. Well it was on of the most calm and traffic free days yet. We made it to Catalina Island and anchored in the kelp at Howland's Landing. Sleep.

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