Thursday, October 30, 2008

Leg 1: San Diego to Turtle Bay

Day 1: We departed a cold and foggy San Diego for hopefully warmer places. There are about 150 boats participating in this Ha Ha so it was pretty intense seeing all those boats on the starting line. It did stay foggy for most of the day with occasional sunshine, but we didn't care...we were on our way!

Day 2: We had pretty calm winds and seas. We did manage to sail all the previous night, but we had to motor to preserve our sanity once the sails started slapping. We did catch 2 fish one Black Skipjack and one Yellowfin Tuna...yum. It was a day with more sunshine than fog so we knew we were headed in the right direction.

Day 3: Again the winds were fluky and shifty, but we sailed when possible and motored the rest of the time. As we passed Isla Cedros we entered the stormy area. Lightning and thinder rumbled and flashed as the rains poured down for ten minutes or so. The storm passed followed by another one, but no worries. We survived unscathed. We crossed the finish line and headed towards Turtle Bay. By 4am we were anchored and in bed for the night. Hooray we finished leg one!

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RJ said...

Wow - that just looks wonderful.