Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun in Turtle Bay

We had a bunch of fun hanging out in the tiny town of Turtle Bay. There is not much in the town, but it had all the fun we could handle. We arrived in the bay late at night, dropped the hook and slept. The following morning we inflated the kayaks and paddled around to visit friends that we had yet to make. The bay water was pretty nasty with dead sardines which was attributed to a fishing vessel coming into the bay and finding more valuable fish to be caught in the area so they dumped their cargo in the bay. Gross. That didn't stop us from paddling around though! We stopped at a boat called Sea Biscuit and chatted with the 3 dudes aboard before going on the tie up at the dock.

Once in town we did what all sensible and addicted people did...INTERNET!!! We only stayed long enough to check mail and whatnot before deciding to paddle back out to the boat. We didn't get very far since we found our friends on the J-World boat. We quickly decided to raft up. David and I paddled back to our boat, lifted anchor, dropped some fenders and tied up to the J and the real fun began. The J boat has an awesome water balloon launcher and the crew demonstrated it by reeking havoc on the neighboring vessels.

Later that night was the party at the restaurant celebrating 15 years of Ha-Ha fun. We had a great time chatting, drinking and dancing before calling in an early night.

The next morning David and I awoke to our V-berth being raided. Three of our friends jumped in bed and woke us up. Though naked gals were in bed with us David's first reaction is, "Where's the coffee?" Good times. The beach party was to start around 1 on the beach. Thankfully the nasty fish had moved elsewhere so after some fun in the sun we got to do some body surfing. The party was a blast as expected and we stayed in for the remainder of the night since the start was around 8am the following morning.

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