Friday, March 27, 2009

Adios La Cruz! Hola La Paz!

As some of you may have heard through the grapevine or other various ways, David is freaking amazing (duh) and he got the engine running. From plastic baggies to a functioning motor in two days. I have the best man ever. EVER I say!

So now we are checked out, cleaned up, stowed and stocked with plenty-o-beer. In fact we built the Beeramid of Eupsychia. One of David's places of worship. Now we are ready to get going to La Paz. We will be partaking in the fun event known as the revised Sea of Cortez Sailing Week. It is a sailing, beach volleyball, potluck, sunset cruise and general merriment event beginning on April first. If you want to read up on it go here and you may want to plan on making it down next year because it is the best event of the year.

We will be off later tonight so the blog will be on hold until April 6th or something. Hopefully it will be a smooth crossing and the engine will do its job proper as it is supposed to be almost windless.

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Where's Cherie said...

Can't wait to hear about Sea of Cortez Sailing Week...tell Rico & Dona we say hello! I hope your beeramid lasted the entire passage. Cherie