Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Caballos en Sayulita y la enfermedad

"Now you will get sick and have to stay in bed while I am gone!" David proclaims as he gives me a big kiss goodbye. I didn't care, but I did need that kiss. I waved as David got into the cab. This time I managed to choke back tears as I made my way back to the now empty boat.

The sickness. It begins. I got it. I awoke Monday morning to a sore throat and a general feeling best described as bleh. That kiss did me in, but it was worth it. I got up and made my way to Sea Level to hang out with Ann. She debated going back to the states, but I asked her to stay and keep me company. She did. We talked of big plans. Maybe going to San Sebastian or exploring PV. Heck, maybe even surf lessons at Sayulita. Feeling the way I did that first day...I had to bail. I vegged on the boat all damn day. It paid off though because I felt 80% better the next day.

Ann and I got moving a little later than planned, but whatever. We were on a mission to go to Sayulita. Surfing was off the map since now Ann had developed a bit of a cough. We decided to keep it low key by stopping by to see Eugenie and maybe do some horseback riding if we were feeling adventurous enough.

We stopped at the palapa topped restaurant at the La Cruz marina for a drink and we were soon joined by Richard. We chatted over tortilla soup (yum) and chips with salsa. On the way out we discussed our plans of Sayulita. Richard was appalled at the taxi idea saying it would be $50 USD for the round trip. Whoa, that was more than I bargained for. So the bus it was...except the bus to Sayulita doesn't come to La Cruz or Punta Mita. After some negotiating we settled on hopping on the back of Rico's bike for a lift to the bus stop. I got dropped off first followed by Ann with fenders (that she had taken for Eugenie) in tow. We caught the bus for a whopping 10 pesos and were there in 15 minutes.

After wandering around in the streets for a while Ann called Euge to get her coordinates. Once we made our way to the casa we were greeted with Nayali at the door. She led us to the bed ridden Euge. We talked about various things before deciding to go horseback riding and leave Eugenie to rest up. Nayali told us where we could find some horses and off we went.

We met Antonio and saddled up on our rides. Ann's horse was Gordo and mine was Tomate. It was a nice ride on the streets to the beach where were were allowed to run at full speed before slowing to a gallop and eventually a trot. Those were my horses two favorite things to and eat. Tomate was eating constantly. Everything from tree palm leaves to shrubs. Antonio pointed out where Tomate has already eaten everything along the path.

The ride lasted about an hour. We went along the beach of Sayulita, up a "mountain" and down the other side to Playa San Pedro before turning around and going back. It was a lot of fun and I got to practice my spanish on Antonio who spoke no english. It was great fun.

After a stroll through town, a drink and a walk back to Euge's place we got our stuff and got a cab back to La Cruz where David would return to me later that night. I missed my boy, but Ann is great company. Thanks Ann!

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