Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exploring St. Barts

We have made a few friends since arriving in St. Barts. The great thing is that they all want to show us the cool sights, beaches, surf spots, bird wathing hot spots and trails to hike. We met up with a cool guy named Will and toured the island by jeep. We stopped to hike a trail that went from to a beautiful beach called Colombier. The other trail we took was a bit longer and on the opposite side of the island. It was a hike out to what is called the "washing machine". It is a boogieboarding spot with continuous waves and whitewater. It gets churning out there! We hiked on and came to a gorgeous place with natural pools. Ahhhh it felt so nice to take a dip after hiking for 45 minutes.

It is our last night here in St. Barts so we have to soak it all up. We are taking the boat to St. Maartan for a night to drop off Rico and Dona. Early in the morning we will get sailing to Tortola where we will say goodbye to the Caribbean and fly back to Mexico. So no more time to blog...MUST GO PLAY!

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