Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy birthday David!!!

There happened to be about four birthday boys all in La Cruz at the same time. Barry of Anna Banana's, a guy named Dale, Mike's son Merrik and of course David. Anna Banana's had live music, dancing, food and a cake. Kameron got the girls up on the dance floor and started to do the macarena. Anna gave us a special little piece of cake complete with relighting candles which thrilled Anna to no end. The festivities got going and the tequila got flowing. We found old friends and made new ones. We got a picture of a hound dog barking the blues and three celebrities all in one place! Gene Wilder (Monty) Clint Eastwood (David) and Michael Caine (Barry, but not the birthday Barry). The party moved on to the Britania where yet more tequila was distributed. We skipped the tequila and I opted to play with the most adorable puppy ever. I have never had dogs or puppies so I fell in love with the little ball of joy. I think David even had a moment of weakness and took a liking to the little puppy.

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John said...

Too damn old to blow out the candles, eh?


Johnny G