Thursday, March 12, 2009

Always, always, always down wind...except...

On the morning of the 6th we got the boat to ourselves. By six am we were motoring towards our delivery destination of Tortola. We were going to stay the night at Virgin Gorda's Spanish Town if all went according to "plan." It didn't.

As we rounded the west end of the island we knew it wouldn't be just a pleasant sail. The seas were building and the squalls were coming down to us. We motored for a while before getting the sails up under a double reefed main and reefed jib. We were going faster under sail than we had been under motor. Once the waves got to the eight foot area we started taking waves over the side. The winds picked up to 25-30kts. Waves would slap the bottom of the boat with a BOOM and bounce the contents around. We found where the ports leak and that one door refused to stay neither latched open or closed. We sailed on and did eventually make it to Virgin Gorda, but the anchorage was blown out so we sailed on to Tortola's Fat Hog's Bay. We dropped the hook and made a beeline to the closest food joint. We had no beer on board and little food so we were ready for a spot of both by the time we anchored. We found a place called Emily's and we got ordering the food. We met the new owner Jamie who was a really nice guy.

The following day we had to rush to Road Town for immigration. All went well and we explored the town. We found a restraunt called Midtown Restaurant that served good ol' greasy food. We went back to the boat to relax after a filling meal and were startled to see guts floating by the boat. Tripe anyone? Eww, definitely not going swimming here.

Once we got 'Ti Profligate to the charter base, we took the dink to go find sustenance. We hopped around different restaurants before ending up at the Pussers Rum place where we ordered some pub grub and a much too sweet rum drink. The food was good, but the atmosphere was ruined once some stupid frat boys came in rude, drunk, obnoxious and hurling profanities at one another. Time to go.

The day to leave finally came. We packed up and got a cab to the airport. The taxi man was astounded to hear that we came across in such rough weather. He tipped his hat to us as he took us on the scenic route of Tortola.

I have come to a conclusion...I like being in places where roosters roam in and around the airports. That spells out some kind of freedom somehow. Casual I suppose. It was a nice airport even with chickens walking through it. We didn't have time to ask why the chicken crossed the runway. Good times.

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