Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flashback to two weeks ago: Teeter-totters, ice cream and pizza with Bay Wolf and Boomer

Sound like kid stuff? Well, don't hate cause we still know how to have fun in our old age. We met Bay Wolf (a Santa Cruz 50) and Byron of Boomer while we were still tied up at Marina Palmar. The Bay Wolf family consists of Kirk, Sachi, Miya and Romi. Like usual, I am at that special age where I am not sure weather I fit in better with the kids or adults. So I dabble in both.

We would all go to dinner and I would be involved in the adult conversation (not that kind of adult you pervs). And soon the girls would convince us to go get ice cream at the polka dot tree. Romi would hold my hand and talk non-stop (really non-stop. How that much chatter can come out of something so small still amazes me) and Miya would regal us with stories of times past. David would be one of the grown ups while I indulged my inner-child. We even did some fun teeter tottering in the dark of night.

Another night we ventured to a snazzy pizza joint called Rustico. We dined outside battling the flies for the slices of pizza. Oh man, the thin crust pizza was delicious but the entertainment was better. Romi who is eight and cant weigh more than 60lbs got into a bet with her dad. The bet was Kirk bet Romi 7 pesos that she wouldn't finish three pieces of pizza. Boomer stepped in said he'd give her 20 pesos if she didn't finish the third piece. After some basic math got figured out Romi took Boomer up on the deal and had to pay up 7 pesos to her dad. Good times.

I have to say it is nice to have some young company around. So much of the cruising community seems to just sort of...die here. I mean La Paz has the black hole that constantly sucks people in. So many people come here and don't leave. They grow bitter as the new and budding cruising community moves in. So it is refreshing to see such happy faces and let me tell ya, kids always seem to be happy. That is good times to me.

Most of the boat kids that I have met are strong arguments against birth control. And no my maternal clock is not ticking yet so don't ask.

*Teeter totter pictures courtesy of Bay Wolf

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