Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mohawks, fixing computers with rubber bands and the joys of electrocuting bugs

The boy was starting to look a little shaggy. So I got the clippers out and went to town. David has a mohawk now heehee. I had to do it.

The computer I use has decided to be uncooperative. It used to tweak once in a while, but that soon turned to more often than not. David tried to repair it, but it still wasn't happy. I had to sit pushing on the screen and twisting it lightly to see the screen contents. If I let it go for a minute the screen fades to white. So I used some innovative technology. Rubber bands. Ghetto, but it works. I see a new laptop in my future. Good thing I have a job lined up!

Glenn is awesome (duh). Our friend Glenn from Beach Access just came down for a visit and we have been hanging with him for the past few nights. It has been great to see him again as he is a partner in crime for us. He even brought us one of the best things ever. An electro-shocking fly zapper. It is so satisfying to hear the POP and watch the fly fall to the ground (or disintegrate or even burst into flames). My kill count is steadily rising and David is yet to catch me and my evil streak. Good times.


capricorncat said...

We have 2 of those swatters....hee hee saping fun!! Carol

capricorncat said...

I mean zapping not saping! where is my coffee???gotta go on a search today for coffee in Guaymas. We are still in Boat yard &%#!*&& stairs are about 14 completed...maybe I will be giving W a new hair cut soon too!