Friday, May 15, 2009

To celebrate or mourn???

Finally! The bearings that David ordered two months ago have arrived. We heard word from David's sister that they were on the way, but we weren't going to get overly excited until we had them in our greedy little paws. Which now we do.

So the way this bearing situation had played itself out for us was this: If we get the bearings between dates-A through Date-B then we will assemble and bash up the coast. But if the bearings never arrived or during dates-C and dates-D then we would play in the sea for an additional week or two before leaving the boat here and flying home. So wouldn't you know that it came at that special spot between AB-CD. Neat.

The current plan is: David does some ass kicking on the engine (he is doing that this very moment), gets it put back together proper and then we bash. If the motor poops out at anytime then we say screw it and sail south to points unknown now. I think the biggest thing is that we are just going with the flow.

So there you have it peoples that is the current deal. Things are always subject to change so we will update the blog a few more times before we make it back to the freezing place called Monterey. So now we play as much as possible while getting as much work done as possible. Tough, but I think we can manage.

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capricorncat08 said...

Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. We will be sailing up about the same time....first week in June or so we hope. I'm going for a bike ride with friend Ana and getting away from the grinding dust. Put the goop on and then grind it off....
Good luck with all....
my GF, Phil, Left this hoo , no more car to go places.
besos to you and ur man, Carol