Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yes the bearings were exactly what we needed until...

Back up to a few days ago: We got the engine out and David got it disassembled in hundred degree weather. He is that good. The following day was the start of the bearing project which was no problem for our master engine man. The next day was the day that we planned to move the engine back into the boat, start it up and celebrate.

Ha, ha. Cute right?

David got everything all taken care of and we moved the engine back down into the boat. As the moment of truth was upon us David attempted to start the motor and...nada. Yes it turned over, but after a few moments of tinkering he found that the fuel pump decided to stop working. Great timing. So another trip out to a few places and now we have a pump. The moment of truth (part two) is quickly arising.


The little engine that could! The engine fired up and works! Today is the day of provisioning and preparing to go north. We may leave tonight or tomorrow, but we'll see. Hopefully Eupsychia will be back in Monterey soon! WHOOO HOOO!!!!

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Miya said...

Good luck making your way north- we stayed in Monterey and Moss Landing for about a week- but it was FREEZING (ok not literally but for folks who haven't worn socks for 6 months too chilly and Sausalito isn't much warmer). Good thing the otters and harbor seals were so cute. Give us a shout when you get back and good luck on picking your weather for the bash!

Sachi, Kirk, Miya, and Romi
S/V Bay Wolf