Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Musings on swine flu, zombies and spankings

Who woulda thunk it??? Of course I am referring to us being (relatively) sober on Cinco De Mayo! Amazing, no? Apparently Cinco De Mayo is not a big deal here in the non-gringoized parts of Mexico. The Battle of Puebla...huh? I am sure there would normally be some stuff going on in PV and Cabo, but with this Swine Flu deal going on...

On the swine flu deal: so far there are no confirmed cases here in Baja. That doesn't mean that people aren't wearing masks, gloves and a look of panic on their faces and all that (which they are), but so far no problema. Though David has had crunchy muscles lately...possibly signs of a virus. Hopefully not, but if he starts coughing I will be weary. I have read many zombie novels and I know how it all starts. First crunchy muscles, then a cough and soon he wants to eat my brain.

We took today as a catch up day for interweb nonsense and friends. Good thing that our friends are more reliable than the internet otherwise they might just pause mid sentence and then stare at us blankly while we repeatedly asked what next. Yes as you may have guessed from the previous comment, the internet connections have been "eh" lately. Whatever, there is always manana. I have been known to be a procrastinator (hard to believe I know) so why do today what you can put off till tomorrow, I ask?! I mean really, what is the hurry right?

We met up with some pals for cocktails and dinner. We did some catching up with Jake and Sharron (s/v Jake) while aboard John and Gilly's boat (Destiny). It was great to chat about everything from anchors fouling, whales, where to provision and even on to spankings deserved (all of us) and who was going to dish them out (Gilly). Not bad dinner talk in my opinion.

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