Friday, January 30, 2009

Chillin' in Chacala

Chacala was beautiful as always. The houses are so festive and colorful and can easily be seen from a distance. We walked through the town in about five minutes which should tell you how small it is. Roosters roam in the yards as panganeros maintain their outboard motors. The sun is warm and the beers cold. It is hard to imagine how things could be better. We kayaked to the beach and dined at Las Brisas one night. We found out that our little kayaks could punch through some little breaking waves. We also found out that when David gets sideways to the waves that he will capsize. It is all in good fun and we did manage to get to the boat safely and soaked. We joked that our yaks converted to personal pools quite fast.

After about four days we lifted anchor and got moving in the direction of Punta Mita. While out sailing we saw a humpback breaching and flipper slapping. It was truely amazing to see especially when it breached about a hundred yards from our bow. YIKES! We made sure to knock on the hull to let the whale know of our whereabouts as we sailed by. A little later we got the spinnaker up and were visited by some dolphins. We made Punta Mita by sunset, dropped the hook and relaxed. Another beautiful day in paradise.

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