Saturday, January 24, 2009


We have discovered the nastiest cheese EVER!!! As we were getting ready to grate cheese onto a pizza I got a whiff of something rank. I sniffed the cheese and I swear it smelled like goat manure. I made David smell it and he too had a lip curling response. Feeling brave, we both tried a slice. It tasted fine. We decided to use it on the pizza hoping the stank would get cooked out of it. Nope. As we dined on our steaming hot pizza we both had to smell the stank. It was like a goat with a digestive tract problem laid a steamy poo on the pizza in the form of melty cheese. Good visual, no? I am not sure why we both thought goat since it was actually from cow's milk. I guess it just seemed right at the time. Never, and I mean NEVER will we buy queso Adobera again. Never.

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