Friday, January 9, 2009

Celebrating New Years Island Style

Bahia San Gabriel was our last adventure while Chloe visited us. We dropped the hook and enjoyed the gorgeous blue waters. We decided to go snorkeling knowing that San Gabriel has a lot of coral to check out. As soon as we anchored the dinghy and took to the water we swam into a school of 20 or more king angel fish. It was as beautiful as ever even though the aguamalas (small jellyfish) tagged each of us. Chloe and David took the kayaks out and explored for a while and then I did the same when one freed up. There was plenty of life to satisfy my standards. There were fish that would dart around the kayaks. Manta rays glided through the water effortlessly while the sting rays were nestled or resting on top of the sand. Egrets danced in the shallows grabbing fish that venture too close to danger. An osprey caught a fish and sat on a cactus calling to another osprey.These all all things that I love to see. All this nature keeps me happy.

The following day I looked in our cruising guide and saw there was a trail to the other side of the island. It was said the trail was only .25 of a mile. Heck we were all up for a trek like that. Okay...that was a misprint in the book. The "trail" was actually 2.5 miles to the next beach. We turned back at about 1.5 miles dreaming about cold water, ice and cerveza. Along the hike we did see some jack rabbits, goats, little birds and plenty of insects. As we neared the dinghy we found out the tide had ebbed...a lot. That left our dinghy high and dry about 100 yards from the water. The three of us must have looked pathetic trying to move the dink because a kayak outfit, that just arrived, sent two big and strong dudes to lend a hand.

Chloe and David took the dink out for driving lessons later on. Chloe enjoyed it until some dolphins came around the dink and played making her worry that she would chop them up. David took the helm and all mammals survived unscathed.

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