Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daily fun at Isabela

Our time at Isla Isabela was busy. Between frigate rescues and boat chores we kayaked daily, around the whole island (about five miles) once. The hiking was gorgeous. We made it up to the lighthouse and hiked the ridges back down. Though the weather was a little overcast for my liking, but it was still beautiful.

While hiking back behind playa Tiburon we found a sight we hadn't before frigate birds! The white fuzzy little birds are too cute. Each time we had been to the island before we had been too early or too late to see the nestlings, but this time we were right on!

From one ridge we were able to see some beautiful colored rock and cliff faces. The reds, blacks from old volcanic activity and white from guano all blended together so beautifully.

As usual the bird life is amazingly beautiful from the seagulls to the tropicbirds. The iguanas seemed quite relaxed and all seemed to be shedding into new skins. As for the waters...well, I did capsize my kayak at one point and it was quite warm. I think the water temperature hit 76 or 78 while we were there. My only worry in the water was that we had seen a couple Man-O-War jellyfish, which according to one book we have don't exist in these waters, and the last thing I wanted was to ruin the trip with a horrible sting.

Such a cool place.

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