Friday, January 9, 2009

Engine troubles in La Paz Pt. 2

Yesterday David managed to get the engine unbolted and ready for lift off. We rigged the preventer on the boom and lifted the motor out into the cockpit for an easier place for disassembly. My sweet David has been working, hunched over the engine for days only to realize he lacks certain tools. So today it was an interesting day trying to find all the parts we (David) need to toy with the engine. We went to about five or six auto stores finding a little of what we need in each store. It is not so easy trying to convey what we need in our broken spanish to their broken english. Thankfully we only have a few more things to get...until David finds more. The problem looks like more than just one thing though.

As bad as having a pooped engine is we are still making the best of the situation. We are not necessarily the marina type of people, but it does have its perks. We sure dont miss the cold and bumpy dinghy rides back to the boat at night. We have found some new restaurants and friends to enjoy them with. Showers in the morning with warm water! While David tends to the motor, now in the cockpit, I make cookies or walk the docks in search of my feathered friends. If I the birds aren't around I can usually chat with the neighbors. We stay busy.


AH said...

Maybe not the adventure you signed up for, but you seem to be making the best of it...more great photos...and a tool scavenger hunt to help acquaint you with the city you thought you knew. Warm waters await your return. Ann

Paul Lauher said...

Not as much fun as the islands, but I can think of no better person than David to deal with such a problem... he's a renaissance man! I am almost surprised he doesn't fashion the required tools from items on hand. ;) Love the posts and pics!
XO Paul