Saturday, January 24, 2009

My obsession with Tropicbirds pays off!

David puts up with my crazy persistence of things well. While I would go in search of birds to photograph, he would work on the boat or accompany me if I asked.

My favorite bird finding that didn't involve rescuing, was finding the the tropicbirds nesting spot. It took about an hour for the birds to land once i found their favored area. I suppose it took a while to adjust to my presence. The tropicbirds nest on the cliff faces so they are hard to get to, but with enough patience and a little rock climbing I found them! I made sure not to scare the nesting tropicbird away, but they are so pretty to look at that it was difficult to walk away. Especially after waiting for so long to find where they land and nest.

Something interesting is that even though they look like terns they are actually related to pelicans and cormorants. I learn all kinds of weird things reading books!


capricorncat08 said...

loved the bird stories and pictures. You are some great photographer! Liked the comments too...thanks for the teachings!
Holy crap! whales in your lap!
I'm suprised you could take pictures!
we still haven't seen any of them close up. Went out with Sea Level today for a great sail...everything you could ask for wind, warm breeze, fast sail, slow sail, spinaker run, stalling the boat, 360, jibe, line overboard, lost and retrived solar name it and we did it.
Looking forward to palying with you and Dave again. Carol & W

Heather said...

I am glad you enjoy everything. Those whale pics were taken later once we were anchored. They kept coming around. I had the camera inside when they were right by us. Wow sounds like you are having a great time still. No surprise there ha ha. We are at Chacala headed your way soon. Did you know our little Eric is in La Cruz now? He is going to be there for a few days I believe. We will see you and Sea Level soon! Besos from us!