Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leaving La Paz for warmer climates

We want to leave La Paz before this black hole sucks us in for good. We have many friends here and have found many good places to eat. The bird life is amazing. We are sad to depart from here as we are very comfortable here. So we are going to uptie ourselves from the dock before we become permanent residents...we have decided to leave La Paz today. We have no functioning motor, but no worries. We are a sailboat, so we will sail. We may stop off at Isla Isabela before Chacala. From there we will probably go to Banderas Bay to do the real engine maintenance. Hopefully it will be a nice journey with lots of sunshine. We are stocked with books, movies, beer, food and plenty of love so we are ready. Next time we blog we hope to be a few shades darker and in a warmer climate.


capricorncat08 said...

Good for you! Get out of Dodge and start sailing. See you in La Cruz.
hugs to you, Carol and Wayne
p.s. love the bird picts...I thought the great herons on the dock in La Paz were amazing. Did you see any of the squwaking green parrots while you were there? jWe had a pair hanging out on the boat in July.

Heather said...

No parrots. How cool that you did though! We are headed your way so keep an eye out!