Sunday, December 28, 2008

The holiday whale and the raft-up

We left Partida in the morning and tootled along. We were happily surprised with David's sighting of a whale. Chloe and I clambered to the bow and watched as a fin whale swam along less than fifty yards from the boat. I think the spotting of amazing wildlife is becoming a new holiday tradition. Last year we saw Hubert the huge manta ray on x-mas and this year it was the fin whale. I like this lifestyle.

We pulled into the Magote by 2pm and got ourselves presentable before heading over to the raft-up. It was the same three boats as Turkey day, but there were more people this time. I counted 24 people, 3 ferrets and 2 dogs. We mingled, saw some friends from the Ha-Ha, Chloe and I played with the ferrets, we drank and we ate the delicious feast laid out before us. Turkey never tasted so good! With dinner in our bellies we left for a good nights sleep.

We did some provisioning the following day which worked out great since today the wind is blowing a steady 20 knots. The idea of being ashore sounds great, but none of us want to brave the "cold", bumpy and wet ride into the marina. So we are pretending it is a rainy day and taking the day off. With sloppy joes to look forward to for dinner it is still a great day in my book.


capricorncat08 said...

Happy new Year and all that! W and I are going to a "gay" party...we are of course, the token straights...all the girls love me though!! Ha Ha should be fun.
where are you ? Is Chloe still there? Looks like you are having fun. We leav e here on Jan 21 for PV. will miss the family but not the coolish weather. hugs to you both, Carol and Waynedeer

Heather said...

A gay party? Sounds like fun! We are in La Paz right now. The daughter left and now we are trying to fix the engine. We aren't sure what we are doing thanks to the engine, but hopefully we will see you soon!