Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another beautiful day at sea with friends *sigh* its a tough life

We decided to skip out on surfing and all that Punta Mita plans. The new "plan" was to go to Jaltemba for the night. After playing on the internet blogging, facebooking and all that other stuff we finally got moving. With anchors aweigh we motored on due to the lack of wind. As we were at the mouth of Banderas bay we saw some spouts. We were able to catch glimpses of three humpback whales fluking and just meandering around. It was one of the first sighting since being on the mainland. We all watched and happily pointed as they spouted in new places. That was not a bad way to start a day.

It did got overcast which Paul seemed to think was a godsend. Silly pale white boys. We managed to get enough wind to hoist the mainsail but decided to wait on the jib which was fine since we had a few pantropical spotted dolphins riding our bow. Paul, Laura and I squealed and jostled for position on the bow to watch, clap, whistle, cheer them on and of course, to take pictures!!! One of the dolphins was very spotted and it did a fancy corkscrew as the grand finale before departing.

How do you make the wind die? Raise the sails. We did manage to get the jib up though the wind died soon after. So we got motoring and made it to Jaltemba by sunset. We dropped bow and stern anchors and got to the evening cocktails. Ann made a delicious vegetarian dinner and it was amazing! This coming from me, the meatasaurus, anti-veggie girl. Very impressive. Ann taught Laura and myself to play dominoes and I taught them to play Bananagrams. We soon worked out the sleeping arrangements and nestled in for the night. I love having a boat full of people more than I'd expected. Don't get me wrong I love just me and David, but its kind of like a college dorm room now with so many different personalities and views on life. It has been nothing but a blast and I suspect it will continue to be great.

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