Friday, December 19, 2008

Log from being asea

It has been fairly nice conditions. The wind is hesitant to keep it's speed and direction consistent, but that is just fine with us. The longer we are out and about the more chances we get to enjoy sailing and, of course, the wildlife. We got to see a truly spectacular sight at sunset one evening. I was on watch and David had just woke up from a nap. As I looked around I saw splashes on the horizon. David came out and observed for a minute until the curiosity got the best of us. He turned the boat and we were off to investigate. We got closer and saw it was a whole bunch of dolphins breaching, tail slapping, belly flopping and leaping with wriggling tails. It was amazing! There was every size of dolphins from calf to full sized adults. We got closer, but the dolphins moved away and continued their shenanigans. We turned to glimpse them once again and again they dispersed. All at once, dozens of dolphins took off porpoising in lines exactly in synchronization with each other. We couldn't really say anything to capture the moment on paper (or screen) but we were both wide eyed and had huge smiles plastered on our faces.

Lately we have both been feeling much better. Being ill really took it out of us as we are still grabbing up sleep whenever possible. Its silly, but we are excited to be back eating real food and enjoying our sundowners again. We had avoided alcohol since we were in no shape to process food, let alone booze. So...cheers!

We left Isabela Sunday afternoon and are still sailing as of Wednesday evening. It only took us three days on our last trip from La Paz direct to Punta Mita. we are already on day three and have another day to go, but really, whats the rush? We adjust to the watches and enjoy sailing and since Chloe isn't scheduled to be here until Sunday...tenemos tiempo. The leisurely life of cruising is a brilliant one.

We made it to Balandras last night and it was the rolliest and most uncomfortable night yet. We got motoring by 7am just so we could stop the rolling. We have finally touched down in La Paz as of this morning. With our boat chores done and cookies made we are gearing up for a reward of Rancho Viejo. Mmm. Maybe Pizza Son tomorrow. Yum.


Boomerang said...

Hey guys,
Why are you heading north so early? It will be cold up in the sea. Not condusive to nekid sailing or hiking!

Heather said...

Yeah, we are here for the Daughter`s X-mas visit then I think we will boogie over to the warmer side. We`ll see though. You know how cruising can be.

capricorncat08 said...

Hola, Wow, sorry to hear you were under the weather but glad that you had Isabella to visit and get better. Good thing you found the dink! I can imagine it floating off to Bandaras Bay.
I know what you mean about having friends on is wonderful, exciting and terrible when they leave. But then it becomes just the 2 of you and it is wonderful, exciting again. Good both ways.
Hope you have a Happy Christmas visit with # 1 daughter.
hugs and love from Carol and Wayne

AH said...

Happy Holidays!