Monday, December 1, 2008

Hallucinations? Oh yeah we got 'em!

After going on two hour shifts for our crossing to Banderas Bay things start to happen. David was doing a watch and saw a face come out of the water and sink back was Michael Jackson (or "Mikaael" for his new religion or whatever). Later when he told me about it he said the face had a beard. I paused and pondered trying to remember a time when MJ EVER had facial hair and drew a blank. I pointed it out to David and he agreed, but said it just was *presented* as Michael Jackson. Later as we were out together on a watch towards sunset I saw a big orange unicycle on the water. Not a "real" unicycle, like orange water dyed in the shape of one laying on its side. It dissipated and turned to streaks of orange though David saw none of it. Man, sleep deprivation can be neat sometimes. Single handers amaze me to do 24/7 watches until too tired to cope and they sometimes tell tales of a man that comes to them and says he will take the helm and for the Captain go to bed. Once they awaken they look and find no man, but managed to get much needed sleep and survive in a risky situation. The people that have had such an experience say "You have to go with it" like, your body and mind are saying everything will be ok just sleep for a while. Strange things from the mind.

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cvanderboom said...

Hi guys,
Regarding the pic of the trimaran. It might work, but I'm sure you have to much lead below to make it perform as a multihull should. The mast configuration is a little strange also. Wish we were there, and Merry Christmas.
Chuck and Elaine,