Monday, December 8, 2008

The final leg of the Blast

We left from Punta Mita enroute to the Paradise Marina breakwater. It was a fluky bit of winds for a while, but we managed to fly the huge chute on Capricorn Cat with the four of us that were on board. Previously we'd had Wayne, Carol, Laura, Merry, Monty, Laura, David and myself all onboard and working. Monty stole Laura and took his boat "Heavenly Star" and Carol flew home :( So we went from 8 people down to 4 people. It was still a great run though. The wind did pick up enough that we played cat and mouse with a few boats before crossing the finish line.

After the race we went to Sea Level for a drink and then headed into Paradise to the Vallarta YC to do Commodore things...meaning not much. We caught a cab back to La Cruz and ate some Los Amigos tacos before calling it a night.

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