Saturday, December 6, 2008

Surfing, sailing and water balloons

The morning after the party we gals (Laura, Merry and myself) were taken surfing by Rico. It was a lot of fun for me since that was my second try ever but my first time trying to actually stand up. Yay, I did get up each time I tried though it wasn't for all that long. Ann swam out to the waves and I swapped spots for a rest on the dink. It was difficult to take pictures in the dink with the swells that were running, but I managed to get a few of the girls. Wow that was the most excellent way to start the day.

After some surfing we got on board Capricorn Cat for a "race" from Punta Mita to La Cruz. It was a nice leg that ended at the La Cruz marina. We took the party up to the Sky Bar and began with the water balloon toss. We tossed the balloons down from the Sky Bar to the ground floor. It was a hoot! People were trying to catch them down pants, shirts and other creative things. Rico and I judged with points and got to eliminating people down to the winners of a Philo's pizza.

We all stopped off at Los Amigos for some yummy tacos before heading to Philo's bar for some dancing and pizza. It was so nice to see all of our old friends again. We are having so much fun here!

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