Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm the new Commodore of Punta Mita Yacht and Surf Club!

To kick off the fun cruising "racing" event the Banderas Bay Bash, we had a party on club Profligate. I got to hand out paddlings with a Laird Hamilton all carbon surfing paddle. We had burnt cork mustaches given by ex-commodore Eugenie. There was goofy dancing, drinking of kool-aid and mingling. We had a great time partying. The girls dog piled "innocent" and unsuspecting people and caused the general mayhem that we are so good at. Wow my club is awesome!

After letting Rico get some sleep, we all went back to Cap Cat for a night swim. The water was warm and glowing with bioluminescence. That was my first night swim and it was marvelous!

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