Monday, December 1, 2008

No Jive Turkey's here!!!

We joined the raft up party of Patsy with Katie aboard Talion, John/Juan his two sons Hans and Eric, a dog named Red and three ferrets named Fat Bob, Speedbump and Weasel and finally, Pete/Pedro the Carpenter and his boat. Pedro's son showed up as well, but I seemed to have forgotten his name at the moment. Pedro and Juan are brothers and their dad David was there as well. Soon more cruisers showed up: Eros, Forte and Timeless. As you can guess it was a pretty smashing potluck. David made some of his famous bread that was gone not soon after being set down. We had a great time meeting such cool people as the attendees of the T-Day gathering. There was "weasel handling", joke time, food and of course beer. It was all in all a great way to spend Thanksgiving. We took lots of pictures, though they may not catch the atmosphere you see everyone is always smiling and not just a cheesy camera smile. Real smiles. That is something to be thankful for.

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