Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Once we got to the tropical Chacala we all if we were tense! David took Ann into shore for internet time while he went to the Port Captain to check us all in. Paul and I blew up the kayaks with minor difficulties, but we got them launched and set off paddling. We had no real destination or idea of where to go until we saw a couple humpbacks. We made our way to the mouth of the anchorage and watched the flukes raise allowing the monstrously large whales to dive effortlessly. Though they were at least a half mile or more away, it was still amazing to see them from the kayaks.

Paul and I decided to surf our way in and do a beach landing. It was a pretty tame landing since we managed to hit a lull in the waves which was fine by us. We pulled our yaks up on the shore and went for a stroll. Ann came bounding out of Las Brisas to let us know that's where all her magic was happening on the computer. We agreed to meet back up on our way back down the beach. As Paul and I walked down the beach he saw someone jump off our boat and start swimming to shore. The timing was perfect as we made our way down the beach and met up with Laura swimming up to the beach. She looked like a mermaid walking out of the ocean. We all walked back to the Las Brisas together and joined Ann for a drink. One drink turned to three and soon Merry and David dinked in to join up with us.

Ann had brought her camera and we got snap happy amongst ourselves and a kind guy took some pictures of all of us together. Laura even showed her handstand abilities for the camera. Some ceviche, nachos, guac and chips were ordered and we munched until deciding to move the party back to the boat. Paul and I still had our kayaks and we decided to launch through the surf. I asked Paul "So what is the best way to launch from the beach?" and as he was answering me, "Well I would..." I coldly left him in my wake as I hopped in and got paddling. How rude of me, but We both had a successful launch. I did ask what he was going to tell me on how to launch before I so rudely left mid-answer and he filled me in. Not that either one of us are competitive, but we hauled ass back to Eupsychia. We were in a desperate race of each other (Paul won) and the dink. Not that it was a race, but we won. Once the rest of our boat family reassembled David made some burgers and we finished our dining experience. Not a bad day at all if you ask me.


241Captain said...

Tell Everyone I said 'Hi'!

Paul Lauher said...

That was absolutely too much fun - as predicted, my fun meter is broken! Just got back to Alameda and miss you guys already!!

AH said...

Beautiful time - beautiful people!