Sunday, December 28, 2008

El terminal de auto bus and the safe arrival of Chloe!

David and I got moving around 7am like usual, but today was going to be a different day. The daughter is coming!!! David and I got dressed and coffeed up before huffing the 10 blocks to the bus station. Once at the station we bought our tickets and waited in a little glass box of a room that had two computers with internet even. How sophisticated. The bus showed up on time and we found our seats. This was a luxury bus! There was fold down leg rests , reclining seats and a tv that played movies the whole way. The ride took about three hours, but at least we were comfortable. Once at the airport we had to seek out terminal three. Now we wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. The best part about the wait was this guys t-shirt. Paul we still love you, but I had to get this picture and I would expect the same from you. Two hours after the flight arrived we see Chloe smiling and making her way out to Mexico all on her own. Mission accomplished on both ends. This is the first time Chloe has flown by herself and she is already pro. Once all the hugs and chatter winded down we had to find the bus. It turns out that the station is actually in San Jose del Cabo even though we got dropped off at the airport. We hopped in a shuttle and got to the bus station, purchased tickets, found our seats and got moving back home to La Paz. We took the slower bus but the shorter route. It almost evened out, but the ride home was a bit longer. Though I don't think any of us minded since we got to see a few cute little towns along the way and they harbored places with funny names like "Do it center". We rested on the way to La Paz, but all I could think about was RANCHO VIEJO! As soon as the bus made it back to the malecon we got a cab to Rancho Viejo and stuffed our faces on account of us missing lunch...or that's my story at least. So all is good in the land (or water) of Eupsychia as usual.

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Paul Lauher said...

Hey, that "Paul Sucks" shirt belongs to my ex-wife! Although I suppose it's nice you were thinking about me... :)

Love the blogging, and the photos are spectacular!!!