Monday, December 8, 2008

Pals and Potlucks

We all attended the Chili cook off on the sixth. After some "planning" of a potluck at Richard and Dona's we all decided to hop on our boats and go to Punta Mita and drop a hook. Ann, Paul, David and myself all went on Eupsychia while Laura and Merry joined Endless Summer with Steve and Wayne.

We all made some various yummy things to eat last night. We chatted with people and ate some damn good food. The view from the condo was spectacular, though I think we all favor the boat. We did go swimming in fresh water! That was a nice treat. We found out that Merry wears the same size bathing suit as me. To most people that doesn't matter, but that means that Cherie, Merry and myself "are the same size"! Ah yes good times.

I caught a baby gecko while in the process of changing clothes with Merry. No pants on, but I had a gecko! We let it go and got dressed proper before heading to the Blue Water Grill for a nightcap. Mark had closed up, but let us in for a free drink, some T-shirts and talk of surfing tomorrow (today).

We all headed back to our boat with our "crew" to sleep. It is a lot of fun having so many people on board even though it is a small boat. I think we are managing alright. Maui seems to love the extra people to pet her and feed her.

We are probably off to Chacala today after I finish this and the whole crew assembles. Good times in sunny Mexico.

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