Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bahia De Muertos

Yes the name sounds grim and I asked a local why the name. He explained to me that a ship came in with a load of people that were all sick. Well they died and the ships people were buried in this bay. So that is the story of the name, but it doesn't end there. The people involved in marketing here now decided to change it to "Bahia de SueƱos" that translates to "Bay of Dreams." To me that sounds way too bubblegum touristy, but whatever brings in the money for them is what works.

On to the events of getting here and while here: We left Los Frailes and had what our friends Cherie and Greg call a "free sail" meaning we sailed off the anchor, all day to our destination and then dropped anchor undersail. No motor. It was a great day of sailing with 15 kts gusting to 20. We made anchor by 6:3opm or so and slept after a pizza and beer dinner.

The next morning I look over to another part of the anchorage and saw our amigos on Sea Siren. We had tt go say hello. So we did bringing with us some vodka for bloody marys. Not a bad way to get the day moving though we had been up since 6:30am. We chatted and decided to go for a snorkel around 11:30am.

We had a brilliant time seeing all the corals, clams, tropical fish and everything in between. The big downside is while we were cleaning out the boat after we bashed back last season, we forgot to restock our fish books! So when/if someone comes to visit those 3 books would love to come down too!

Anyhow after that Dave, Judy and Bob off of Sea Siren decided to treat us to a drink. That is where it all went south...for a bit. David waded me inshore and then waded back out to anchor the dinks. David comes in bleeding at the foot with a puncture and a laceration. Someone forgot to do the "stingray shuffle". Yes David got nailed in less than a foot of water. Luckily we knew the treatment (soak the wound in water as hot as is tolerable for 30-90 minutes). David got a bit peckish and woozy, but our trooper survived. We will let you know how it progresses later on.

Off to Isla Espiritu Santu!


AH said...

Miss you both - glad David is ok - any thoughts on electronic substitute fish books?

capricorncat08 said...

So that is what "Death" looks like! Can't wait to see the place an maybe get some "bugs"...but not stepping on any sting rays!
Carol and Wayne

Where's Cherie said...

There's one more requirement for a "free sail" (as defined by us!) Nothing can break along the way!--that's why in the many years that we cruised, we can count our "free sails" on our fingers! We hope you enjoy more fair winds and free sails. Cherie & Greg