Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too big-a bite?

As we kayaked around we saw something awesome. A Great Blue heron was on the rocks abeam from the boat. We paddled toward it and it flew in front of us a bit, landed and jabbed its big pointy beak into the water. When we got closer we saw that it had seriously wounded a fish, but the fish was too far out for it to reach. After a few failed attempts at grabbing it the heron watched us come closer, but it did not want to leave its meal. We used the paddles to push the fish closer to the bird and we backed off. The heron quickly jumped in and grabbed the fish. The fish was meal sized. I say 3 lbs, but David thinks smaller. Either way it was too heavy for the bird to fly with so we stuck around to watch. "He cant eat that whole. He's got to break it into pieces," Says David. I say, "It's going down in one bite." So we watch. The fish squirms and the heron drops it and plunges its beak through the whole fish! It stabs the fish a few times until it doesn't squirm any more. We watch intently as the heron lines up the fish and eats the whole thing in one bite! It took a minute or two to get it all the way down where we could see the fish stuck in its neck slowly working its way down. It was amazing! Check out the picture and keep in mind that the heron is about 4 feet tall. The fish doesn't look small to the size of the bird!

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