Friday, November 21, 2008

Happiness is forgetting to put your pants on or How David achieved Cruisers Nirvana

We got up by sun up and got the boat all ready to get moving. We tied the kayaks down to the lifelines, hoisted the sails and sailed off the anchor. Well, the wind did die a few seconds later so we started to motor sail. We waved good bye to all of our new friends and were on our way to Balandras.

We putted along looking into anchorages we passed by so we might find our amigos on Sea Siren, but no dice. David noticed a little lagoon behind one of the anchorages so we decided to stop for lunch and check it out. We ate and got the yaks in the water. As we loaded up the water, shoes and camera David untied his kayak and I asked, "What about your pants?" That my friends, is cruiser nirvana...not needing you pants enough so eventually they are forgotten.

Yes we paddled on and had to climb over dried coral with yaks slung on our shoulder all done with David bare assed. I managed to kill my flip flop so I had to launch in a different spot to avoid walking on the glass like coral. In the lagoon there were tons of herons, egrets, frigates, pelicans and even a couple ospreys. It was a pretty nasty (water wise) lagoon, but the bird life was still amazing. We paddled for an hour or so before trying to find an alternate route to the boat that hopefully had less coral to walk over. Success. We hobbled our way over the rocks me with one shoe and David with no shorts. He tossed me his flip flop so I could go over the one coral spot and I tossed it back before launching. Its always an adventure.

We sailed on once again. We arrived at Balandras and were greeted with 15 boats already anchored. We decided it was too crowded so we checked out Bahias Lobos and Falsa before just going on to La Paz.

We dropped the hook, got the computers up and running and got blogging. David inflated the dink and we went inshore for a yummy HOT pizza at Pizza Son.

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Awesome - I have an excellent visual on that!