Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leg 2: Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria

Our start was around 8am so we had to get moving pretty early. After all of our toys were properly stowed we untied from the J and headed out to our start. When we got out to the starting line there was no wind so we had a rolling start for the first two hours. People were calling fish on from the get go so we decided to get fishing too. Well, it only took about two minutes to get a good hit. It seemed to be a tuna since there was no leaping like the dorado. When the fish got closer the real confusion set in. We could see the silver of the head, but 6 feet back there was its tail thrashing around. I thought we had finally landed a wahoo! Ha...well I was wrong. Very wrong. As we got our fish to the boat a brownish grayish thing 5 feet long split. We pulled our catch on board to find half of it bitten off. A shark was the culprit. Jerk. We didn't like that kind of tuna any ways.

We got our spinnaker up and were going at a good clip for a while. All was good untill David and I both got fish on at the same time. Dorados were leaping and thrashing and David was busy driving the boat. He tried to slow ous down, but our chute got effed up pretty good. We left the fish and had to sretch and blow the spinnaker. It went perfectly! After all of that David pulled his fish to the boat and decided to let it go since it was small. I was sure my fish was huge, but it was the same small size as the boy's. We continued to catch and release the small dorado, but kept hoping for something bigger and better. We got our wish....or my wish. We pulled in a wahoo close to five feet long and it was about 30 pounds!

We sailed on through the night until about 2am when the waves were more than the wind. We motored for eight hours until being able to sail again. We made it to Bahia Santa Maria during the dark of night. Hooray we survived once again.

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