Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leg 3: Santa Maria to Cabo

We had the earliest start yet at 7am. We untied from the J and were on our way once again. There was good winds from the start. We hoisted sails and threw our lines out. We were able to use/give all of our previous wahoo up so we were ready for more.

We napped, sailed and fished for most of the day. We lost a lure or two in the process, but no worries. I took a nap and David woke me up to say I had a fish on. He said he'd pulled it in earlier and it looked to be a small wahoo. It wasn't small. Wahoo just look small in the water we realized when we pulled in a wahoo two inches shorter than the first. David did the slice and dice and we had a yummy fettucini alfredo with wahoo for dinner.

We sailed through the night doing our typical 2 hour watches. It was a fairly uneventful night except for the morons that almost hit us even though we had rights. Whatever, we all survived unscathed though with higher heart rates. The following morning we crossed the final finish line and a few hours later we were anchored in the bay. We made it!

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