Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lazy days in Santa Maria

Early in the morning I pumped up a kayak and headed to Profligate to share the wahoo wealth and purchase a bright salmon shirt. It is obscenely bright, but part of the Ha-Ha fun. After that I paddled over to Talion a Gulfstar 50 owned by our friend Patsy. I had to say hello and offer some of the remainding 25 pounds of wahoo. David was busy playing with the new auto pilot so I stopped off at Tabu also. I was welcomed aboard and given a tour of the beautifully crafted hand made Farr 44. As I was just about to leave David had lifted anchor and said we were going to raft to the J again.

I took my leave and paddled to our new double wide location. We parted with yet more fish and Eugenie made the best ceviche ever. Ever I say. Ann and I took the yaks towards the beach, but got welcomed aboard Crystall Blue Persuasion which is a large catamaran . We stayed for a beer and chatted until we went to Sea Level another catamaran. Jim and Kent were very kind and sweet people. They made their boat and it took 2 years. It just got launched in December of last year. We met their kids Samar and Alex, also.

Back to our boats. We chilled out for a while until there was to be a wine glass (drinking party too) aboard Talion. As always, the party was fun and we met a bunch of new friends.

The following day we had the beach party around one. A band from La Paz showed up and played as we mingled, played volleyball and all of that jazz. Paul and David bonded, Eugenie got us in trouble and Ann was our photographer. Later on Richard recruited me to wander around in my bikini and collect tips for the band since they don't get paid for this particular gig. We pulled in over $500 or something. It was for a good cause.

After the party ended around 4pm we attended yet another boat bash on Vitesse. We had a great time and added to our ever expanding list of friends. After we drank all their booze we split back to our boats for dinner and sleep. Much needed sleep.

*These pics were taken by Ann

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