Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bocci! and all things fun

We slept in till seven or so before getting a move on. David got to cleaning the lifelines and all things stainless. I finished reading Cannery Row, which to my surprise was pretty good. After a dip in the "pool" we launched the kayaks and paddled around. First we stopped at a cave that appeared to be small from a distance, but once approached it was quite sizeable. We could paddle into it and maneuver around. Neato. We continued along the smoothed pink rocks to the next anchorage area and saw a nice sandy white beach. We landed the kayaks and walked the shoreline. Some people playing what seemed to be an overhand version of bocci ball said hello. We chatted and soon disrupted the game meeting Emily and Josh from Ursa Major (a badass powerboat with a laser 2 aboard) and Shawn and Heather from Om Shanti...the book people. After chatting we soon found out the drunkeness of the group. Wow, we had some serious catching up to do. We mingled and gladly joined the next game of bocci. Amidst the ball tossing we visited the fiddler crabs. They are too cool! The males have one big claw and it is ridiculously large for their small size. I found a pet "Mr. Krabs" and held him while we played. Though I did let him go after a couple tosses of my ball. After winning (Josh and I were on a team) we called it quits temporarily. We were to rendezvous at Ursa Major for steaks and cocktails if there were any survivors from the rum coma. We paddled back to our boat, maybe the slowest to get to the boat, but we had the most fun. We rammed each other and all sorts of other deviant things to try and stall eachother.

Once safely back aboard Eupsychia, David made bread and we cleaned ourselves up a bit. By sunset we paddled over to Ursa Major to find a sleepy Josh and non-existant Emily. She was too pooped to party so we kept it down and got to the steaks fast. Soon we heard the approaching of a dink and to our surprise it was Shawn. He joined us and Emily soon rallied. It was quite a nice night over steak and cocktails.

With a day of sun, fun and full bellies it is time to lay down for sleep. We should be headed to Balandras tomorrow aka just north of La Paz. We will see! Nighty night!

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The Jolly Roger said...

Hi Heather,

Sounds like a great start out of La Paz. We are leaving in about an hour. I have a picture of jennifer with Eric up on my blog that Jenniefer wanted me to send her. I can't find her email, soooo, if you could give her this link or send me her email, I'd appreciate
Link for Photo:

Big Love,