Thursday, November 20, 2008

Like moths to a flame

We got moving before 7:30am and got to the important things like the coffee, assembling the sunshade and hanging up the laundry. It was so cool to look off the side of the boat down to completely undisturbed, clear pool like (color and temperature) water and see all the different types of rays swimming along the bottom, the fish swimming over the rays and the teeny tiny tadpole like fish right by our hull. After all the morning hustle and bustle I inflated the kayaks so we could have a look around places too shallow for the dink. We paddled around for an hour and a half exploring. My favorite thing to do was paddle up to the reef towards the beach and drift while taking pictures of the Elegant Terns. They weren't frightened or annoyed on the contrary they were yawning and preening their feathers. David patiently waited for me to exhaust myself before we paddled through the little canal that opened up to the other side of the island. We turned back with the wind shift and made for the mother ship. We managed to paddle with the wind no matter the direction that we went which is always a good thing. Back to the boat for lunch and a nap to escape the noon time sun.

Another something that has nothing to do with anything previously mentioned: Anchoring in the masses. David and I are anchored in the South East part of the anchorage. At the moment there are 12 boats all in the Northern part of the anchorage. A big reason might be because the Charlie's Chart guide recommends anchoring there. Well, over on the south side we get the sunset and protection from the night time coroumels. David jokingly said,"Turn on the radio. They must be warning other boats not to anchor by the boat with naked people in the southern part of the anchorage." Hey maybe that is what does it. Would you park your car by a guy naked in his own ride? Probably not. I am entertained at the mob mentality of anchoring though. David and I were thinking of doing our own little study by going to an empty anchorage and finding a crappy place to anchor and wait and count the boats that would come and anchor around us. It would happen. Like moths to a flame.

Its 4:40pm and Maui is insisting that it is kitty feeding time though I know different. I keep trying to get her to read the clock right but no such luck. David is plopped down with a book to read and I will follow suit in a few minutes too. I guess that is all the updates for now, oh David's foot is still doing well. Still a nasty bubbly blister of clear fluid, but good otherwise. Time to finish another book and maybe feed the cat a couple minutes early so we can have some peace and quiet again.

Later on we had dinner. I tried my hand at tacos with ground beef, onions, jalapeƱos, lettuce, tomatoes, refried black beans and hand made masa tortillas. Success! David said it was the best taco he ever had. I would lke to think its true. After food and an episode of "Anthony Bourdain No Reservaions" we crawled into bed. We saw a bat fluttering around which was awesome because some of you may remember me telling you about Tyler, if not here's the story. We picked up a bat along the way down south last year. We heard his constant chattering every night no matter if we were out 100 miles at sea or bobbing in an anchorage. We never, not once, saw him even though he stayed with for about 5 months. He finally left us at Caleta de Campos where we heard many bats and saw some excellent caves to make a better home than a boat. I have to say I missed his annoyingly high pitched squeaks and when other bats came around later on we could tell by the pitch that is wasn't our Tyler. Tyler got his name from a dream I had when I matter of factly told someone that his name was Tyler. That is the story of Tyler, not all that exciting, but we were excited to finally see a bat this year after not seeing our own pet bat of 5 months last year.

As we were in bed we looked at the time, 8:30pm. Seriously? That is before cruiser midnight! We are so used to dining, digesting and going to bed that the time never occurred to us. No matter, we snuggled up and slept like logs through the night.

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