Monday, November 10, 2008

Los Frailes

We Departed from Cabo early Sunday morning along with many other boats. David worked hard and got the new auto pilot installed. You have no idea of the joy we felt when this new quiet, calm and steady tiller pilot took over. Almost tears of joy.

On we sailed towards Bahia Los Frailes (The Friars) for the night. We sailed with the main and spinnaker up for most of the way. The wind did die a couple miles from the bay, but we didn't mind. We'd had a warm blue day that clouded up on occasion. We started the motor and saw maybe 10 sailboats already anchored. We found a spot and settled in for a couple tummy warming Sundowners with our favorite contraband rum Havana Cubano. Mmmm mmm good. Though Los Frailes isn't more than 50 miles from Cabo, the peaceful (lack of jet skis) and inexpensive (since we won't get off the boat) blue wonderland is hardly inhibited. Lucky us.

By 9am it was in the 90's. We did the boat cleaning and project thing for a while before relaxing with much deserved beverage. The big project today was not the rewiring of the auto pilot or the scrubbing of the gally stove, but the shaving of the cat. She has been laying around like the useless lump of fur that she is. She sleeps a solid 22.5 hours a day and when she is not sleeping, eating or whining she is terrorizing us while sleeping. She seems to find it fun to leap from the top of the doghouse right onto a bladder, face, or anything else tender with her claws out and then she takes off running. Yes good morning indeed. Well there is a good way to get revenge while actually helping her as well and that is shaving her. She hates it with a passion though not enough to swim to shore. I am positive it cools her down really well, but annoying her is half the fun. The other half is looking at her and laughing since it looks like she has mange. Cats...

There are a few things I am proud of that I probably wouldn't have learned had I not been on a boat. One of them is my ability to tie a bowline, clove hitch and other knots with my toes. We found that out yesterday on the ride over. The other thing is that I am actually learning to cook. I find ingredients we have and toss together some kind of hybrid meal. Though David was raised well and pretty much eats everything put in front of him, he seems to enjoy my cooking. I am thinking of extending my cooking abilities and David is the best guinea pig for the job. So maybe if you folks come down to visit I will have thrown together a menu of available breakfasts, lunches and dinner.


Where's Cherie said...

Congrats on finishing the Ha-Ha...keeping the cat aboard and losing those tan lines! We're still sailing in our land-yacht and to tell you the's much easier to find places to anchor (though they don't always come with an ocean view!) Cherie

Heather said...

Awww Cherie! We had a great time though it would have been better with the two of you here with us!

The Jolly Roger said...


It was a delight meeting you. You truly give permission to everyone, (by how you express yourself) to everyone to be themselves. That is a HUGE gift and so needed in this world. The crew of the Jolly Rollger will depart for Los Frailes in the morning (Tuesday) so maybe we will run into each other again shortly. Keep on shining.

Big Love,

Don Peck

Anonymous said...

Hi David & Heather! It looks so warm and inviting in Mexico. What were we thinking?! We're camped out with the RV in Taos, NM and it's in the 30's right now. we have to scrape the ice off he windshield in the mornings! Soak up some sun rays for us!

-- Greg