Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaving Bahia De Los Muertos

It was a little bit of a restless night for me personally. I had the cat pestering me all night. I don't mean it cute either. She laid on top of my head before sniffing loudly in my ear followed with licks to the head and hair. I would say that is an improvement on taking claws to the face, but she was up and bouncing around all night so the possibility was there. Though mostly I was worried about David's stingray wound and the possible side effects. Early in the morning I rolled over and put my arm over his ribs and waited. No big breaths. I moved my hand to his side. He didn't stir. I moved my hand to his chest and asked,"Babe, are you ok?" He says,"I'm fine" wide awake. Later he tells me he was awake and felt me pawing around for signs of life, but wanted to wait and see what I was going to do. Creep. His foot has bubbled up into a nice blister thingy, but that may be from the water absorbed and/or the foot getting a bit burned from the hot water. He says it doesn't hurt at all which is good and amazing. He is a tough boy.

With a start of the day like that I was glad to grab a bit more sleep until the coffee was made and internet connection established. While we tootled around, ok, while David with his bum foot got the boat tidied up for departure I updated the blog. When I was done with all that we did the anchors aweigh thing and headed out to Cerralvo and the channel that would put us closer to La Paz. It was a pretty nice day of motorsailing for us. We prefer sailing, but that is precisely why we had to motorsail...battery power. We haven't properly charged the batteries since San Diego! The batteries still aren't fully charged, but they are happy for the moment. We made it through the channel on minimal tacks and got lifted all day. We made it to the next channel that always has ferry boats hustling through it. The Canal de San Lorenzo.

We had agreed to buddy boat with Sea Siren to Bahia San Gabriel for the day. We made it, but discussed amongst ourselves the possibility of the Corumel winds kicking in and the exposure of the bay. We decided to move a mile north to Ensenada la Gallina. The scenery of the rocks and landscapes are always beautiful to see as we headed to the new destination. After dragging anchor a few times we set the hook by moon light. We ventured to Sea Siren to chat, drink and nibble on some snacks. Not a bad place to be if you ask me.

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Where's Cherie said...

Sage advice from an old salty sailor (or am I simply a sailor who likes salt?): David, don't kick stingrays. Don't hug them either...look what happened Steve Irwin. *smile* Cherie